The Comvette Project - diy BOSE Replacement for C4e Corvettes
Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will you be offering this as a kit?

A) Not likely. The purpose of this site is to share information on building your own system. The majority of the components used are available from various internet retailers. I have provided search links to assist you in finding the components you will need.

Q) Can I purchase components from you?

A) Currently I plan on offering only the components that can't be purchased through retail channels such as the custom acrylic chassis. I may also offer a pre-assembled version of the chassis (base-plate, face-plate and overlay) that includes the volume control, USB jack, touch screen and plug-in wiring harness. This should be enough to get most people started in building their own system.

Q) Can I download a ready-to-run image file to get me started?

A) Yes! You can download the Comvette ready-to-run Paspberry Pi image file here. You can also download the Xojo Comvette source code here.

Q) The BOSE head unit extends the car's antenna even when it's not needed, like when you are listening to a Cassette tape. Does Comvette do this?

A) No. Comvette only extends the car's antenna when you are listening to the FM radio. When listening to MP3 music or watching MP4 movies, the antenna stays retracted. This was a pet-peeve of mine and I decided to correct it when I built the Comvette system.


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